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Parry Sound ON
Your Home and Cottage Electrical and Solar Specialist

Alternative Energy

Grid Tied Solar

High-quality solar panels for your home solar PV system will last for many years, saving you money on your energy
bills while saving our planet’s precious resources.
You can be a pioneer in Ontario’s solar power production!  Using Ontarios MicroFit program you can sell your power back
to the utility for a fixed price. Another excellent option is to dual meter your solar to reduce your utility bill. The energy you make comes
off your hdyro bill saving you hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs.

Off Grid Solar and Wind

Georgian Bay is a rough and rugged place with many remote's what we love about it!  Running submarine cables or overhead utility is
extremely expensive and often unreliable.  Solar power with generator back up for low sunlight times, is a viable alternative and continues
to improve in both efficiency and affordability.

Wind generation, although not as powerful as solar, assists with your energy requirements during times of low sunlight. 
There is almost always wind on Georgian Bay so wind generation is a reliable source of power.

Backup Generators

Anyone who has ever lived in Georgian Bay knows how easy the power can go out.  Its a common occurrence, especially these days with so much
unpredictable weather around.  Backup generators are a good way to make it through those power outages.  Want to keep the essentials running?
Fridge, water, heat.  Try a propane, diesel or gas powered back up generator.

Many people also use back up generators to top up batteries tied to their solar grid.  It's a good, reliable source of power.
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